Extreme Gamer™

DXT, Inc. is proud to introduce the patent pending Extreme Gamer™; the worlds first multi-disc video game changer.

  • The Extreme Gamer™ makes it easy to switch from one game to another on your PS2 and PS3..
  • A built in menu makes it as easy as selecting a new game.

Black Widow™ Gaming Keyboard

The Black Widow™ Gaming Keyboard brings the ease and thrill of keyboard play to the PS3™ and Xbox 360™.  It's sleek design and easy to access buttons makes FPS games fast and fun.  No wires to get tangled up and cool rear-lit keys make finding the right keyboard combination quick.


Reality Pro™

The RealityPro™ has moved from its early development stage to a sleek mobile AR entertainment gaming device.  DXT is working to bring this product to market with new AR glasses. Imagination is the key, with the Reality Pro™ you will have the real world and the imaginary world at your finger tips.



Motion Sim Pro™

The Motion Sim Pro™ makes games move you. This innovative design miniaturizes large bulky components into a small space underneath a comfortable racing seat.


3dx viewer™

The 3DX Viewer™ will turn ordinary video games into extraordinary stereoscopic 3D experiences. The game input uses any NTSC or PAL video signal from a videogame console, DVD player or computer.

Sensor Handgrip

The Sensor Handgrip is a completely new technology that will change the way gamers interact with virtual objects. Imagine being able to pick up a virtual gun or sword and "feel" it in your hand.


Dxt at E3 2010

  • E3 was another great show for DXT.
  • People were amazed at the progress we have made on our Reality Pro™ mobile AR entertainment gaming device.
  • We had distributed and retails placing pre-orders for our Extreme Gamer™ and Black Widow™ gaming keyboard.
  • Extreme Gamer™, Black Widow™ Gaming Keyboard and the all new RealityPro™.  Take a look at some of the pics from the show.
Check Us Out E3

What's New!

Extreme Gamer

Interested in having a better way to play PS2 games?  How about more storage and play time for you PS3? Try out the Extreme Gamer™.

Black WidowBlack Widow™.