DXT Inc. is dedicated to creating the most exciting Next Generation Gaming Technology available. We look beyond conventional gaming and take it to the Extreme! We believe in creating the best gaming experience possible for the serious gamer. This takes the form of peripheral devices for Console and PC games as well as new devices that give gamers an experience they've never had before.

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Because next-generation entertainment needs a next-generation device, so we have given it the next leap forward in the advancement of disk storage technology and digital entertainment. DXT offers game developers unprecedented power to express their creativity and a larger canvas to produce a level of interaction, sophistication and reality that has never existed in gaming. More than an evolution, Extreme Gamer™ is a revolution that frees developers from the constraints of storage space and allows them to dream in multi-disc depth. According to research firm NPD, total video game sales in 2009 reached $19.66 billion. That includes the sale of consoles, video games, and accessories. According to retail data, December 2009 hardware sales were $2.19 billion, up 16 percent from $1.89 billion a year ago. Technology is the driving force behind DXT's product line. We have patent pending protecting not only the design of the product, but the manufacturing and assembly process as well. At the heart of our business is the integration between our hardware and proprietary software that makes our video game changer one of a kind.



DXT Inc. hires the brightest minds in the gaming industry to design, prototype and manufacture its products. "Outsourcing" gives us an advantage that larger companies don't have - we can move quickly. By bringing in the talent needed on a project per project basis, we have access to the latest trends and cutting edge breakthroughs in the gaming industry. We operate more efficiently by maintaining low operating costs. By budgeting the needed development costs only when it's needed by the demands of the project, we dynamically change in size as we move forward with design development. This approach makes it easier to take the needed risks in new ventures by getting a product quickly to the market before the competitors know what's happened. With our Asian manufacturing partners, we have the ability to ramp up a manufacturing line in a very short amount of time for the global market.



  • Extreme Gamer™
  • Black Widow™ Gaming Keyboard
  • Reality Pro™
  • Motion Simulator
  • 3DX Viewer™
  • Sensor Handgrip
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What’s New

  • E3 2010 was a Hugh Success! Everyone was very excited about the Extreme Gamer™, Black Widow™ Gaming Keyboard going to market and the new Reality Pro™.
  • E3 2010!
  • E3 2010

  • How About a facelift for old DXT.
  • We just opened our new facility in Las Vegas! We are gearing up to get our produts to market. Check out the About page for more info and pictures.
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